BabyandMum cosmetics are born from a careful research that aims at a safe and ecodermocompatible cosmetics.

Ecodermocosmetic is based on ingredients that are as sustainable as possible for the environment (ecological), therefore, if synthesized, coming from friendly chemistry (green chemistry), but at the same time well tolerated by the skin. For all these reasons, have been selected active that act as a common thread throughout the line, plant extracts from organic farming, hypoallergenic fragrances and that present a high compatibility with what is the world of children.


Ingredients and actives are as sustainable as possible (ecological) and with low impact on the environment, to ensure respect for the world around us.


Cosmetics formulated with raw materials as similar, both as structure and pH to the delicate skin of children, to ensure that its physiology is not altered and therefore well tolerated.

ecodermocompatible: what does it means?

The term ecodermocompatible refers to a series of cosmetic products “good for the environment and skin”. Skineco, the scientific association that for the first time promoted it in the dermatological field, describes the concept of ecodermocompatibility.

This concept tells of the deep bond that exists between the largest organ of our body, the skin, and the environment, with which the skin impacts more than any other organ. In the dermatologically tested today there is no provision for skin compatibility. We aim to combine sustainability (attention to the environment) with the needs of the skin.