chi siamo baby and mum

BabyandMum was born
in the LCA Derma laboratories

BabyandMum was born from the study of a cosmetologist pharmacist who for years has always formulated her products inspired by the ancient Galenic tradition, combining the principles of nature with the most advanced scientific techniques, in order to obtain innovative formulations.

Her formulations have always been focused on safe and effective cosmetics, but without neglecting cosmetic pleasure.

Cosmetics “at the height” of the smallest

When little Riccardo arrived in the LCA Derma laboratories, the cosmetologist became a mother. After examining the market, she realized the importance of creating a line ‘at the height’ of the smallest… and so the BabyandMum line was born..

chi siamo baby and mum bimbo addormentato
chi siamo baby and mum bimbo curioso

Designed for their delicate skin

A line dedicated to the well-being of children. Formulated with
plant extracts from biological agricolture and oils
more similar to the hydrolipidic mantle of children, in order to obtain ecodermocompatibile products.